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Project Description
Date table feed designed for import into an Excel PowerPivot model. The table contains columns particularly suitable for time business intelligence applications. Delivered through the Azure Data Market, it is effortlessly available through the PowerPivot window in Excel.

The tables in the feed are divided in general in Basic and Extended versions. In order to increase the usability of the tables, localised versions of all tables which contain language specific, or other locale specific data. For more detailed documentation on each table please refer to the Documentation tab.

The project is still in its initial phases and will include extra tables as we find contributors to create and maintain them.

Currently the feed is hosted on a SQL Server Azure instance generously provided by the Microsoft Azure Marketplace team. It is available through the Marketplace itself for free and is completely free in any sense to use.

Please help us by providing feedback and requesting new tables, columns or other features. The discussion page is ideal for this purpose.

The URL at the Windows Azure Marketplace is:

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